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Engineering Tools:

1) Terminology:

2) Application Guidelines:

3) Formulas and Quick Estimates:

4) Corrosion Guide:


5) Materia Properties:
(i)Specific Heats Solids: Specifics heats for many common materials in solid state. Also includes volume weights, heat of fusion, and melting point temperature. heats_solids.pdf

(ii)Material Emissivities: Emissivity for common metals with values for polished, medium oxide, and heavy oxide finishes. emissivities.pdf

(iii)Specific Heats Liquids: Specifics heats for many common materials in liquid state. Also includes volume weights, heat of vaporization, and boiling point temperature. Get it from here: PropertiesLiguids_Gases.pdf

(iv)Specific Heats Gases and Vapors: Specifics heats for many common materials in gas or vapor state. Also includes volume weights. Get it from here: PropertiesLiguids_Gases.pdf

(iv)Engineering Data for Immersion Heater Solution: Guide get it from here: Sheath Materials - Immersion Heater Solution Guide.pdf

6) Common Wiring Circuits:


7) Units/Engineering Conversions:


8) Temperature Conversions Below:


Technical Letters:

1) How Thermocouples Work
Plastic-Industry-Thermocouples & How Thermocouples Work.pdf

2) Control Theory Principles
Evaluating Sensor Placement In A Thermal System-1.pdf

3) Ceramic Infrared Heater Technical Manual
Ceramic Infrared Heaters-Technical Manual.pdf

4) Frequently asked Band Heater and Cartridge Heater Questions
Mica Band Heaters FAQs-Considerations.pdf

5) Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heaters
Salamander Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements Accessories.pdf

6) Immersion Heaters - Life Extension Tips
How to Extend the Life of Your Immersion Heater-New-1.pdf

7) Maximizing Heater Performance
Tips on Maximizing Heater Performance

8) Mica Band Heater Tips and Installation Instructions
Mica Band Heaters-Installation Instructions_Considerations.pdf

9) Cartridge Heater Installation Tips

Tools and Calculators

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